फॉरेक्स बुक्स

यहां उन पुस्तकों का चयन किया गया है जो आपको व्यापार की मूल बातें सीखने और बाजार पर विश्वास करने में मदद करेंगे। ध्यान दें कि सूची में सभी पुस्तकें अंग्रेजी में हैं।
यदि आपके पास समय की कमी है और ट्रेडिंग अनिवार्यताओं के बारे में एक त्वरित अभी तक पर्याप्त सारांश की आवश्यकता है, तो आप हमेशा हमारे विदेशी मुद्रा गाइड बुक में लेख पढ़ सकते हैं।

A Man's Search For Forex Trading Secrets: Super-Techniques On Reversal Trading

A Man's Search For Forex Trading Secrets: Super-Techniques On Reversal Trading

Justin Miracle

Let me take you a drive...
...back to my “eureka” moments a few years ago...
...when I finally found out my system that could minimize losses and maximize profit potentials.
Traders, have you ever dreamed of the followings but failed to turn them into reality:
•Maintain flexible enough to catch the best possible opportunities from their beginnings in the market.
•Be able to identify potential traps in the market to avoid.
•Understand core market momentum and the real battle between bulls and bears via market structure analysis.
•Create consistently profitable reversal trading systems using pure price actions.
•Master when to enter and exit trades without any anxiety or other psychological problems.
If your answer is “Yes” for these questions, then this book is for you – where I am going to reveal my biggest secrets to market momevent and patterns that took me a lot of time to research, discover, optimize and apply effectively.
Inside, I am uncovering exactly what I have been implementing in the past years to make Forex trading a really truly consistently profitable venture. Upon exploring my biggest reversal trading secrets ever, you will understand how I can separate myself from losers in the endeavor using really basic but powerful techniques.
In fact, you are just one mouse click away from my exclusive systems in the last years. Honestly, on remembering the so cool “aha” moments that really blew me away a few years ago, I am really attracted by the idea of conveying all my treasured techniques and tips of market structures and 3MS principles for the first time.
Like any other traders out there, I used to be so puzzled and undermined by losses after losses. There were times I spoke to myself “I cannot do that, I cannot win in such an unpredictable market as Forex. Everything is too hard and there is no reliable rule to abide by”. However, the following necessary “rest periods” did give me really important time to rethink about Forex trading, which should be done to make things better. I stood up and started again. Finally, one simple truth changed everything and led me to success after success: secrets are all in the basics. I dug deeper into market movements and then found out my favorite 3MS principles that you are going to discover via real examples later in the book.
Based on these brand new proven concepts, what you would learn in this edition includes but not limited to:
•Understanding the roots of failure via analyzing wrong thoughts and actions that losers often own.
•How winners perform using proper mindsets and techniques in Forex, with no tense or stressed feelings.
•How to correctly determine support/ resistance in connection with market structures.
•How to identify a potential market reversal with the most chances of success by using three key criteria in market structure analysis.
•How to trade several market reversal patterns with the highest efficiency based on super 3MS principles.
•Understanding 3MS principles in connection with double top/bottom’s analysis.
And more...
Would you like to explore much more about reversal trading secrets inside?
Download and start moving towards your goals.
Scroll up and click the buy button.

हमें सोशल मीडिया पर खोजें

और सीखें

डेटा संग्रह नोटिस

FBS इस वेबसाइट को चलाने के लिए आपके डेटा का रिकॉर्ड रखता है। "स्वीकार करें" बटन दबाकर, आप हमारीगोपनीयता नीति से सहमत होते हैं।

हमे फेसबुक पर फॉलो करें


शीघ्र ही एक प्रबंधक आपको कॉल करेगा।

नंबर बदलें

आपका अनुरोध स्वीकार किया गया है|

शीघ्र ही एक प्रबंधक आपको कॉल करेगा।

इस फ़ोन नम्बर के लिए कॉलबैक का अगला अनुरोध
उपलब्ध होगा 00:30:00 में

यदि आपके पास कोई ज़रूरी मुद्दा है तो कृपया हमसे संपर्क करें
लाइव चैट के माध्यम से

आंतरिक त्रुटि। कृपया बाद में पुन: प्रयास करें

अपना समय बर्बाद ना करें - इस बात का ध्यान रखें कि NFP अमेरिकी डॉलर और लाभ को कैसे प्रभावित करता है!

आप अपने ब्राउज़र के पुराने संस्करण का उपयोग कर रहे हैं।

इसे नवीनतम संस्करण में अपडेट करें या सुरक्षित, अधिक आरामदायक और उत्पादक व्यापारिक अनुभव के लिए कोई और संस्करण प्रयास करें।

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