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यहां उन पुस्तकों का चयन किया गया है जो आपको व्यापार की मूल बातें सीखने और बाजार पर विश्वास करने में मदद करेंगे। ध्यान दें कि सूची में सभी पुस्तकें अंग्रेजी में हैं।
यदि आपके पास समय की कमी है और ट्रेडिंग अनिवार्यताओं के बारे में एक त्वरित अभी तक पर्याप्त सारांश की आवश्यकता है, तो आप हमेशा हमारे विदेशी मुद्रा गाइड बुक में लेख पढ़ सकते हैं।

The Forex Bible: A Practical Guide to Making Money in the Market

The Forex Bible: A Practical Guide to Making Money in the Market

Karolina Lind

Do you want to become a forex trader? Forex trading can be lucrative if you do it right. But most beginners fail to make money because they lack the knowledge and expertise that the industry requires. In her book, "The Forex Bible: A Practical Guide to Making Money in the Market", rising financial author Karolina Lind explains that a number of myths cloud the judgments of first-time forex traders. Contrary to what scammers claim, there's no overnight success story in forex trading. It requires thorough research, diligent studying, and careful planning to make handsome profits. Whether you are a novice or a pro in trading, this book will help you make the most profitable decisions.

Being an expert herself, Karolina Lind is intimately familiar with the highs and lows of the industry. Like many other experts, she believes that there is a connection between your psychological and emotional state and your chances of success. She explains that having full emotional control is crucial to succeeding in the forex trading. Also, you should stay away from scam techniques that sound too good to be true. Unlike most other books in the genre, "The Forex Bible" doesn't promise you a magic spell that will double up your money. It doesn't give you vague advice without practical application. This book has been designed to teach you the ins and outs of the industry.

In the book, author Karolina Lind explains that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy in Forex trading. Strategies that may work wonders for someone, may not work at all for you. That is why she aims at empowering you and giving you tools that will help you make strategies that are personalized and tailor-made for you. In the various chapters of the book, the author has explained the importance of the right mindset, self-inquiry, emotional stability, affirmations, meditation and much more! She has also given tips on how you should begin forex trading, and how you can make the most profits. Wait no more. Order your copy today!

About the author:
Karolina Lind has been passionate about forex since she was a little girl. She started trading forex when she was just a teenager. With age, her passion for the industry grew, and she ended up getting a diploma from 'Association of Business Executives in London'. She has studied forex trading from some of the best teachers and experts of the industry. In her spare time, she writes on forex to help aspiring traders in their journey.

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और सीखें

डेटा संग्रह नोटिस

FBS इस वेबसाइट को चलाने के लिए आपके डेटा का रिकॉर्ड रखता है। "स्वीकार करें" बटन दबाकर, आप हमारीगोपनीयता नीति से सहमत होते हैं।

हमे फेसबुक पर फॉलो करें


शीघ्र ही एक प्रबंधक आपको कॉल करेगा।

नंबर बदलें

आपका अनुरोध स्वीकार किया गया है|

शीघ्र ही एक प्रबंधक आपको कॉल करेगा।

इस फ़ोन नम्बर के लिए कॉलबैक का अगला अनुरोध
उपलब्ध होगा 00:30:00 में

यदि आपके पास कोई ज़रूरी मुद्दा है तो कृपया हमसे संपर्क करें
लाइव चैट के माध्यम से

आंतरिक त्रुटि। कृपया बाद में पुन: प्रयास करें

अपना समय बर्बाद ना करें - इस बात का ध्यान रखें कि NFP अमेरिकी डॉलर और लाभ को कैसे प्रभावित करता है!

आप अपने ब्राउज़र के पुराने संस्करण का उपयोग कर रहे हैं।

इसे नवीनतम संस्करण में अपडेट करें या सुरक्षित, अधिक आरामदायक और उत्पादक व्यापारिक अनुभव के लिए कोई और संस्करण प्रयास करें।

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